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     Imagine your computer had the ability to generating income 24 hours a day on auto-pilot with no programming knowledge needed.* You could actually walk away from your laptop for days at a time, and still have a significant increase in account balance because entire process of opening and closing profitable trades was mechanical.

     I'm building an elite team of both experienced financial market speculators and motivated opportunity seekers who wouldn't mind discovering the best settings to a nearly always-winning, fully automated forex robot.   

     It cannot let this team get too big, otherwise it becomes unmanagable.  Therefore I am limiting the distribution of the EA to the first 500 qualified people.  

      Simply put your email, first name in the form on the right and press the 'Get Insider Preview' button to receive updates when these precise indicators and profit-grabbing metatrader Expert Advisors will be made available    >   >>    >>>

     Please be patient while I get everything on the website up and running.  Some FREE metatrader 4/5 indicators and EAs developed by AwarenessForex.com are already available on some of the popular forex forums. 

   * This is NOT a home study course or some stupid internet marketing scheme where you resell information or convince people to buy things they really dont need.

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Witness the raw synergy of awareness in the markets.....



   Smart position sizing 


   Correct market analysis   


   Repetition in action


   =    Mastery of the financial markets 


This is the essence of any successful systems approach.